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TargeT 2010

Audit Consultant Novosibirsk


Code: 2302BR
PwC Novosibirsk is looking for Audit Consultants with Audit service practice.

Quick facts

City: Novosibirsk
Permanent position
Office job
Contract: Contract

Minimal education level: Bachelor Degree
Minimal work experience: Insignificant

Working schedule
Schedule: Fixed

For career-minded graduates, it's clear to see what makes us unique. Because of our structure we can offer access to the latest technology, the best training facilities and unrivalled opportunities for progression


  • Participation in the audit processes
  • Preparation of the statistical and analytical reports in MS Excel tables
  • Preparation of the information for the colleagues from other departments who are taking part in the audit process
  • Gathering all the information about the clients Business trips around Russia


  • Graduates 2013/2014/2015
  • Preferable specialization: Finance, Economics, Accounting, Audit
  • Knowledge of Russian Accounting
  • Proficiency in English: both verbal and written
  • Analytical and logical skills
  • Computer literacy (MS Office)
  • Proven team player with good communication skills
  • Availability to travel

Job conditions

In exchange for your knowledge, PwC offers:

  • Professional excellence
  • Unique personal development opportunities
  • Clear career perspectives
  • Competitive compensation and sustainable employee benefits
  • Unique working environment

Additional information

You must know that the first stage of the employment process is submitting the application form and taking 2 online tests: Numerical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning. These tests are an important part of your application and will help us to get a better understanding of your skills and competencies. You should ensure that you have about 60 minutes available to complete both tests and ensure, as much as possible, that you will not be interrupted or disturbed (you may need some rough paper and calculator to hand to answer the questions).

You will be given the opportunity to read instructions and take a practice test before taking the real one.

Please make sure that you answer all the application questions and submit your tests because only complete applications will be considered further.

Contact information

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